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  1. This decision is something that needs to be taken care of. Not that is something I want out in the open but my job deals with dangerous unknown daily. The pregnancy was a suprise and was found out a couple of months after a split. He wasn't the guy he claimed to be. He had been unemployed and number of years, he has psychological issues which are unknown, a bad record, and I did mention his unsafe hobbies. All which would make him an unfit parent. I'm not asking to be criticized just for advice.
  2. My daughter is now 3 1/2 years old now. Her biological dad has not seen her since birth and not been helping with: living expenses, day care, health insurance, nothing. Child support recently took him to court because he has owed so much. Now they are making him pay. I would like to start the process of taking his parental lights away because I'm worried about her being placed with him in the event of something fatal happening to me. He doesn't hold a job and is involved in illegal hobbies. But since the mandatory payment has been in effect,he recently made a small payment for child support. Since he is now paying will this be a negative affect in the process of taking his rights away? And I'm not sure how to start this process. I can't lose my child and am extremely against him even taking her for visits. I don't want her near him.
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