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  1. I follow you just fine. I am in contact with a lawyer now who is helping me.
  2. It is not an odd comment, I feel as though you are attacking me in regards to my knowledge of the situation. I know what the doctors have told me. Which is what I have stated. I have not left anything out. I was not told whether or not a patient prior to me had either HIV or Hep C. What I do know is that I have been put on these drugs that make me sick to my stomach and now I have to sit and wait to find out whether or not I contracted either of these diseases because someone in their hospital did not clean the equipment the way it should have been cleaned. Are my chances low, of course they are, I know that the chance of me getting infected by HIV is very slim. But I still have to go through the nastiness of these pills and the blood tests and the not really knowing.
  3. I was told that the risk was small, yes, but the risk was still there and that they are following protocol when something like this happens. As far as your comment about a gross overreaction, they did specifically identify HIV and Hep C hence the reason why I was visited by the Head of Infectious Diseases. I can give you the names of the drugs that they are having me take as I feel that you may think I am not understanding what it is that I am taking. And yes, I want to know if this is something that I should pursue legally, and quite frankly I think fairness has a lot to do with it. I was a patient under their care and they neglected to do their jobs appropriately and putting me at risk of a potential life threatening disease, both of which I would have for the rest of my life if I am infected due to their negligence.
  4. I recently had Gastric Bypass surgery. On the day that I was set to go home I was paid a visit by the Cheif Nursing Officer and the head of Infectious Diseases, as well as my doctor, where they informed me that the tools that were used in the operating room during my surgery were not sanitized correctly, they are supposed to go through two sets of sterilization and they only went through one thus putting me at risk of exposure to different diseases, such as HIV and Hep C. They took my blood while I was there at the hospital and then given prescriptions for medications to potentially fight off HIV if I was in fact infected. These medicines make me absolutely sick to my stomach, on top of already having to deal with recuperating from surgery I have to deal with being sick every day, all day. They admitted their wrong doing and that they would cover the cost of the medications, but my insurance covers it anyways. I just don't feel that it's fair that I have to be sick every day for the next month while I take these pills to fight off something they may have given to me. And the fact that I won't know for a long time whether or not they even did. Do I have options?
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