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  1. Right, truth is a defense, unfortunately in a situation like rape, it is he said she said, until the cops are actually called in. I am wondering if just sending someone a text saying... "hey, I was told that so and so did X, just be weary around them in case " is considered defamation by libel? I don't know if it is true, but if it is I don't want anyone else I know to get hurt. I don't know nor care about the person who did it in either way. If I could convince my friend to go to the police I would. There is no malice... it is not a blast post or video. I am not interfering with their business or as far as I can tell their standing in the community because it would be a private message to maybe 4 people.
  2. Reason I say Libel is because it would more than likely be in a text message of some kind as that is normally the fastest way to contact someone nowadays. Libel is printed word while slander is oral messages if I understand that correctly. It wouldn't be blast across facebook in a post or on a twitter feed or anything like that.
  3. I am curious about a situation. A friend of mine has confided in me that someone she knows used a date rape drug and violated her. She refused to go to the police because she feels they don't care about the victim. Through facebook I located the person and found he is associated with several people I know. I feel I should warn them of this person, and to simply be weary via text message. Would this count as Libel if it gets back to said person?
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