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  1. Hey I need legal help real bad. I purchase a purple honda from a used car dealership and right time I drove it off the lot and went down the road it stop on me. It would not start up again so the dealership had it towed back to they place. So the next day I went to see what was going on thy wouldn't tell me. I got pictures and all. They then came out the back with a 1999 tan honda accord for me I drove that one for like 2 days and I took it to my own person to look at it. He told me it need a transmission it was slipping on me. I then call them on my way to take it back to them it stop on me. I then ask for my 1000 dollars back and the 190 car payments I had made. They only had a check for 500. They then took the check back saying they was going to put a new transmission in the car but didn't it still did the same thing. So I stop paying the car note due to I was trying to buy a transmission myself do they came in got the car. Now they trying to sue me for the price they sold the car for. I got to go to court this month and they want me to bring all my possession. I really need help what should I do
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