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  1. Sorry he is my ex-husband. I am not sure if she if the guardian of estate include power to sell. I want to be fair in the sale price of the house. Would i get money back for all upgrade that I have done. Muy name is not eh bank loan as well, would that make a big difference.
  2. The house is titled to my husband
  3. Hi, Thanks for for your response. Yes the divorce gads been final since May 2012.
  4. My husband and I divorced , he got the house. After the Divorce He got mentally ill and now in a nursing home he has dementia. I have been living in the home and paying the mortgage and doing upgrades. He did not refinance the home so my name is still on the mortgage what rights do I have . I have been told that I can purchase the home. My daughter is Guardian of the Estates and I am his Guardian of person.
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