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  1. yes, employees who want employee-plus-spouse coverage are charged $X if the spouse either is not employed or is employed by an employer who does not offer medical coverage and $X+$100 if the spouse is employed and has medical coverage available but chooses to remain on my employer family plan. How is that adding to the company claims ratio more so than a family with a non-working spouse and/or the addition of multiple children. I'd be willing to wager that the working partner has fewer claims than a no-working one and as I stated earlier, why not start surcharging for families with more than 1 or 2 dependents? So I suppose we just put the extra burden on those trying earn more and now we'll have to deal with 2 different healthcare plans, providers, drug plans, and have to fulfill separate deductibles to work this additional expenditure within our budget to have coverage within our already overpriced/burdened healthcare system. Thanks for the answer I was seeking of legality, seems it is so.
  2. My employer is now going to implement a 'Working spouse surcharge ($100 monthly) for a spouse/domestic partner who has medical coverage available through their employer but then remains on my employer health coverage plan. Is this even legal? is it not discrimination to pay more for the same family coverage plan against the person who has a non-working spouse? heck, why not now add a multi-child surcharge, should not the family of 4, 5 or more be charged more for their potential medical claims?
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