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  1. I went on an filed for petition for divorce and informed I had filed. A fees days later he is caught with contraband(cell phone) and is now in solitary confinement and moved from camp to low security facility( he messed up) when he gets out "the hole" so I have only heard from him via letter in the mail. I have called his counselor to see if I can have permission to bring papers for him To sign BUT only get voice mail and no returned call. I know he can't receive visits or allowed to make calls so how do I serve him with less than 60 days to go? I get conflicted or very little Info (we have no info on him....") about him or what he will be allowed To do as if he is lost in the system literally. Any sincere advice is appreciated.
  2. Thanks,I agree "...proclaim marital assets nil..."
  3. 6 weeks into my marriage, my husband was arrested and eventually sentenced with approximately $20,000 restitution he has to pay. We have been married now about 15 months. He committed a crime unbeknownst my knowledge and prior to us knowing each other and yes he did NOT disclose some potential "legal issues" that could potentially lead to an arrest prior to us "walking down the aisle". Three months no after he went to prison I get a 18 page Financial Statement I am told to fill out to assess our assets and income since this is a community property STATE or it will be subpoena is I do not fill out. QUESTION: although I am not complicit to the crime or restitution can the federal government eventually come after my income or assets I aquire (now/later)while married to him if he does not pay for his restitution? I still have 3 children I am raising not by him but ultimately my repsonsibilty to care and provide for. I don't need this financial concern. After speaking to some legal counsel I was told Divorce may be the "smart" thing to do. Divorce or annulment is what I am considering to completely separate and "distance myself" from any financial responsibilty to his debt and crime. #IdidntaskFORanyofTHIS Advice/knowledge is appreciated.
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