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  1. Hi there, I came here not knowing where else to find some guidance and tips on where to start with this horrible situation that my 3 yr old god son is about to be in. I had a bestfriend named david and its unfortunate that I had decided that he wasn't going to change for the good anytime soon and that the new women he was with only made the drug use surface even more. I am worried for my god son. I was told thru a friend that his father way facing a 5 year prison sentence really soon and that the kids were gonna be left with their mother & how she isn't looking forward to it at all without david being there to play dad. She is the worst & most awful mother I have ever met & she creams and punches my god son like he knows exactly what hes doing when hes NEVER doing anything at all but playing or laughing & just being ur average 3 yr old boy. She yells at him to shut the f** up everytime he makes a sound or giggles. She has had CPS in her life since I could remember and was slamming drugs and getting high everyday throughout her very last pregnancy. the dirty needles in cups throughtout their entire bedroom. She had her last baby and she treats her like shes the only best thing that's ever happened to her. but treats her 3rd oldest like a piece of crumb on a kitchen table. her two oldest were shipped off to another state cause she couldn't handle taking care of them cause she wanted to have freedom of a drug life instead of saying party time was over. my god sons father is a wonderful father but he has somethings to change. I want to file a CPS report and have them investigate without her knowledge. but first I need to be sure that THERE IS A WAY that I can be grated guardianship or custody whichever it is I'm gonna need. to be sure that my god son is in a safe and loving place when his father goes away. I want him to be in my care & live happily with me......WHERE DO I START? WHO DO I TALK TO? PLEASE HELP ME
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