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  1. Hey guys I don't want to put anybody on blast yet, but to name a few the R****, A. golf resort, V**** M****, S*****, M********, believe it or not the list goes on and on.. And they all did about the same thing to me. I have a service animal for my disability and I bring her with me everywhere for the most part.. I had rented a room at the R****** and at the A. golf resort and they both kicked me out because of my dog!! They did not believe she is a service animal despite my showing paperwork, (which I do not have to furnish or provide to anyone)... They kicked me out, kept my money for the night refusing the refund. The other businesses asked me to leave, one told me she's not a service animal.. The other called the manager the manager asked that I leave within 2 minutes.. And the other simply said you just need to go.. I could not believe the treatment I was receiving in public for my service animal.. Granted she doesn't necessarily look like your average service animal, she does have pitbull in her bloodline.. regardless, I need her with me for the disability I have.. I have been reluctant to contact a lawyer to file a lawsuit despite even a police officer telling me that that's what I needed to do, because I don't want to drag my dog into court to have her do any kind of performance to prove her worth as a service animal.. I will refuse to do that. I would like to contact a lawyer to begin some sort of lawsuit against all of these. I strongly feel specified training needs to be in place for people who work n the general public so that mistakes and humiliating experiences like this arnott repeated in the future.. I couldn't believe the public stature of some of the corporations that had absolutely no clue what my rights were. I'm not trying to get rich quick, I even warned all of them that what they were doing was that best discriminatory at worst illegal.. it's taken me some time to make the decision to follow through with a lawsuit.. the ultimate deciding factor was due to the sheer number of big name companies who seemingly have no clue how to handle public service.. Now for my questions.. Does anyone know of any good lawyer to contact for this type of thing? Does anyone have any advice as to whether or not this is something I should pursue? Let me know what your thoughts are on that if you will.....i really appreciate iI, thank you! Regards Melanie
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