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  1. Aloha, As of two weeks ago, new neighbors have moved into the front house on a property we share a driveway with. In fact, our driveway goes through their yard to the backyard leading to our house on the back lot. At first, we weren't even aware new neighbors had moved in until they called our landlord stating they had filed a police report and got a lawyer to fine us for parking on their property. Our property is fenced in, and it is inconvenient for us to open the gate every time a car comes in because we have dogs that stay within the fence off leash. There is an easement to the right of our driveway about 8 feet wide between our 5ft wide driveway and a fence belonging to a different neighbor. The old tenants at the front house always allowed us to park on that easement, but the new tenants threatened our landlord that they filed a police report for us parking "on their property". We had never spoken to the tenants until our landlord showed up to tell us this. We said we would have happily discussed the issue with them if they had made any attempt to contact us, in which the woman (it is one couple) stated that she "yelled from her porch to get our attention" which is easily over 50 yards away. She also claimed that it was our fault for the mud that lines the driveway up to our house, that we are "destroying" their property and the smell of the mud wafts into their house and bothers her. This baffled us, because we live in Hilo, the RAINIEST state in the country, where mud is prominent on everyone's yard and they also choose to park their car on the grass, which stirs up mud. My landlord did not wish to argue with them, and took the time out of his day and money out of his pocket to come and repair the muddy driveway with cinder himself. We also didn't wish to cause conflict, so we complied and began parking inside the gate, and gave her our numbers asking her to contact us if she had any other problems so we could resolve them without such escalation. This happened four days ago. Since then, they have repeatedly (everyday) called my landlord complaining that our dogs have been wandering around their yard urinating on their grass. Our dogs NEVER leave our property unless they are in our cars when we take them to the dog park or the beach. It's important to note that pretty much every single neighbor on our street has dogs, and many of them do wander around the neighborhood off leash and unsupervised (which is why we keep our dogs inside - since these dogs are usually not friendly). Our house is completely fenced in on all sides, and the first day this happened we assured our landlord that they were mistaken, that the dogs in question were not ours, and we even did a perimeter check to make sure there was no opening for them to freely wander without our knowledge. But now it has gotten to the point where our landlord calls us everyday, saying that they are complaining our dogs are the ones urinating in their yard. We have been home during those times they claim this has happened, with all of our dogs inside with us on the couch or in our beds. Our landlord asked them for photographic evidence of this, of which they have not produced. These false accusations are creating a strain between us, the tenants, and our landlord. They have not attempted to contact us at all - only pestering our landlord to take care of it. It has gotten to the point that I am afraid because of these false claims our landlord might decide not to renew our lease, which would be devastating because many people on Hawaii do not like to rent to people with animals, and it took us a very long time before we found this gem of a property. Before these tenants moved in, there was not a single complaint ever made against us, and we have even made friends with many of the other neighbors who enjoy our presence. We never throw parties, we're never loud or noisy, and our dogs are usually very quiet except when a new person pulls up to our property in a car they don't recognize (which isn't very often). I feel as though they don't like confrontation, and the only person they know is our landlord (they got his number from the previous tenants) so they just default to calling him and blaming us instead of trying to talk to any other neighbors. So I guess my question is: what steps can I take to mitigate these false accusations and obvious forms of harassment that have been made against us?
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