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  1. Today I was rear ended by this guy who was clearly going for a joy ride in a beautiful Friday afternoon . The cars ahead of me were stopping suddenly and the car directly in front of me was following too close the other cars. I saw the whole thing and break with plenty of time and space (apprx a car's length) . As I looked at the review mirror, The Jeep behind me didn't look to be slowing down and all of the sudden he realized all the cars were at a stop . He slammed on his breaks attempting to stop on time as I hopelessly looked into my review mirror knowing he was no going to stop on time and I was going to be hit. Sure thing, as he tried to break and hard as possible and even tried to avoid hitting me by swerving to his left to avoid me , the speed at which he was driving and how close to me he was before he realized he had to stop, didn't give him a chance to avoid me or stop on time . I was so shaken , this being the 1st accident I've been in . Within 2-3 min fire rescue was there, before I could call 911 they told me they call the police already. Apparently The driver is a licensed fire paramedic, and they knew him. The state trooper was there 5 min after. He went and talked to the guy, shook hands and chatted for about 15 min before coming to me and asking me for my paperwork . They clearly knew each other (maybe from working on the field of - paramedic) I provided him my info and he went back to talk to the guy . After about 10 min he came back asked me what happened and I explained to the officer , just like I just did here . He replied to give him a min . Went back to the guy spoke to him for a few more minutes and came back to me and said that the other driver was giving conflicting statements , stating that I was changing lanes and cut hin off and slammed on my breaks just to have him hit my car . REALLY ? Then the trooper proceeded to say that he could not ticket the other driver because our versions of what happens were different and there were no witnesses . Like the evidence doesn't speak loud and clear and anyone can clearly see my car hit on the rear bumper , mostly on the left side of the bumper were he tried to avoid hitting me but ultimately fail . Not only that , but in FL a rear end collision will virtually always be the fault of the driver who hit the car in the front . So , this trooper didn't ticket his buddy , he obviously knew and told me to let the insurances deal with it . ! Has anyone ever seen of this or come across such thing ? I'm baffled . Since when troopers are not able to determine who's at fault in a fender bender where the back bumper of one car is damaged and the other car that hit has no damage thanks to the big custom bars and tires the Jeep has ? Witnesses ? What more fugan the evidence and the LAW? ! Any suggestions ? What is the law in cases like this ? Please help ! I am attaching a couple of pics of the back of my truck.
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