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  1. If the "Grand Jury" did not indict the individual that was arrested with me and is really the person who the drugs belong to but he later admits to the drugs being his, can the grand jury bring him up on charges again for the same case, will they lower or raise the severity of the charges as well? What all can ultimately happen to this other man?
  2. Excuse me pg1067! My apologizes for this case exhausting me to the point of fading in and out of sleep as I am typing my questions in this forum. I'm sure a genius of your stature has had a time or two in your own life where you have had something stress you out bad enough to push yourself to that same state. I hope you'll forgive me of because after your assassination of my character. Now, as far as there not being any evidence to support my theory as Tax_Counsel stated... You're gonna sit there and tell me that confessions of the American government's involvement in the importation of narcotics from other country's by the ex heads of the CIA and DEA were all just staged confessions. That they lied?! Find that awful hard to believe. Kind of similar to how you seem to find it hard to believe I'm telling the God's honest truth concerning my case. There can always be doubt cast upon anything. On the lighter side of things, when you do finally quit attacking an individual's intelligence and/or statement of facts, you are both very wise in your knowledge of the law and I have "back doored" your professional answers with a more in depth research based off of what you have told me. For that I am very thankful! So as I have said and this site was apparently made for, let's stick to what has been said. If you have a question, then ask it in a respectful manner and you will gain a respectful answer, ultimately achieving the goal at hand sooner and without headache or heartache. Thank you and have a wonderful rest of the day!
  3. As of right now the video that would or could prove that the cop had committed an illegal act of misconduct just so happens to be blacked out, as in not nearly enough lighting. What comes across odd to me is that the video footage is hazy as well, where as the officer in question, was right next to the one who had the blacked out video but you can't even see the headlights on. I've kind of drawn out how it was laid out during this officer's "finding" of the drugs and where everyone was standing. Me and another officer were by the cop car in the middle. The guy that either set me up or was working with the cop to plant the dope and another officer were by the car on the right. All while the one cop in question was in my truck by himself. The yellow lines represent their headlight coverage and this all happened at a gas station. There was no video given from the patrol vehicle on the far right. The one in the middle was the officer in question's car, and the one on the far left was the one with the blacked out video. As the officer on the far left pulled up, the one in the middle who was doing the search told the one on the left to kill his lights. But to show you more of the harassment I have gotten before this and twice since this at least every 2 weeks I am pulled over and taken to jail, have guns pulled on me, placed in cuffs and have a big show go on. Even as recent as last night. The officer that searched my truck and supposedly found the drugs pulled me over again last night, yells, across the p.a. system at me to exit the truck while I'm in my friend's driveway with his and other officer's lights flashing like crazy, made me get on my knees so he could put me in cuffs, accuse me of everything under the sun, and then let me go. The time before that it was broad daylight and I was putting diesel in my truck when two officers swarmed in on me in their patrol vehicles, one officer jumps out hollering my name with his sidearm drawn on me telling me to place my hands behind my back, and then accuses me of using an alias to hide the fact that I had warrants, runs my name, I came back clear, and they let me go. After he took the cuffs off of me I asked him what he ran up on me like he did for. He informed me that the officer that planted the drugs on me that one night told him that I was violent and needed to be handled accordingly. So, I guess I was pumping diesel in my truck violently or something but there is no reason as to why these officers are acting this way towards me. Anytime I have been arrested I have complied and I have no alias' on record to give the guy any idea that I would even start to have one. But other than the video, I have some voice recordings of the guy in my truck after we were released where his story constantly changes in a matter of minutes while speaking to some friends of mine.
  4. I read in a law book a few years back that for the criminal justice system to file habitual offender upon an individual their crime(s) committed have to be of like nature. Is this still true in Texas or can they file habitual offender on you for any three felonies? Also how many years must have gone by to where they no longer are able to file habitual offender on you, like if I caught a case at 19, another at 25, and another at the age of 45 can they still file habitual? Is it done by conviction date or by sentence completion?
  5. I've got a theory when it comes to the United States of America and this drugs they call "controlled substances." They are called controlled because they, (the U.S. Government), are the ones that control the amounts that flow into the country. They give these drug lords money indirectly, say to a politically involved or government official family member of theirs, to keep laws it that country directed away from them so as the processing of and importation of the drugs are operated smoothly. Once in this country the distribute the and instantly make double the money back. After they distribute them the unleash the "War on Drugs" soldiers, a.k.a - D.E.A., Narcotics Task Force, Police, Military Personnel, and anyone else they can deploy to arrest and detain us for the possession of these drugs where once we are caught up in the criminal justice system they take and make our money from fighting the cases or them ultimately keeping us behind bars upon conviction for these cases. So my question is, since they are in control of it all shouldn't they at least give us something stating what they must find in the drugs to reinforce the fact that what they have found is what they say it is? Every court should have a breakdown of what is to be found within these drugs they say are illegal so as we are to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the arresting offense is justified. The thing is though that every time I start looking for this I am referred to the next book or another chapter and can't ever just have something plainly explain to me what or how much of what has to be present. Can anyone tell me what chemicals and/or chemical compounds must be present in a labs finding of meth, cocaine, LSD, or anything else they consider a controlled substance in the state of Texas, as well as the total amounts of those chemicals that must be present for them to be assumed that's what it was? Also how often does a substance go to a state funded lab and not come back as what they believe it to be? Can I send it out to a lab of my choice to be tested? I was recently set up by an individual who planted some drugs in my vehicle and I am trying to find every out or try anything before this trial happens because I am not guilty of these charges. Whether or not I use to be involved in distribution or usage of controlled substances shouldn't justify the law enforcement agencies setting me up to be charged for it after I had stopped months before. Sorry you were unable to fulfill your duties while I was but when someone is trying to straighten their life up and is down because they have already lost everything they know and love, you shouldn't kick them because you may awaken a beast within!
  6. Thank you both for your responses. First of all I guess Tax_Counsel didn't read where I had stated that I hadn't bought drugs in months and had been through my center console not but an hour earlier. So, to assume the dope was mine and misplaced just because I stated that I use to use or had used or even if I still use is a conviction without following the facts. Remind me to not pick you for my jury docket. My drug usage is not what is gonna be on trial. It is the possession of the meth to be tried. Thank you for the clarification of the law though. I am appointed an attorney but he's not trying to do anything he doesn't have to or that is not required my the state. That's why I have kind of taken matters into my own hands as far as figuring out how to prove this officer of the law knowingly commited an act of misconduct and has unjustly charged me with the offense. The informant that was in the passenger seat of my truck had also been taken into custody but never indicted when neither one of us would stake claim to the dope. That is his 3rd or 4th dope case to catch with other people yet he never sees a court room or gets indicted. He should be serving on multiple life sentences now for assault cases against his own family and girlfriend since he was supposedly been to prison twice for beating children up with baseball bats. Hell the dude just bit his brother's ear off and got all charges dropped! I mean we're talking a real high class winner right here. Con artist, sociopath, abusive womanizer who leaches off of society strictly for his selfish personal gain. Then if he feels threatened by you or that you're standing in his way from obtaining whatever it is that he wants in any way, you too will be set up. Tell me he's not working for some agency high up and I'll call you a liar! Wish I would've known all of this beforehand about who I had in my truck.
  7. Somewhere I had discovered that police were not allowed to go forth with a vehicle search, even if I was being taken to jail, if I had reason to believe that there was foul play about to take place but, I had requested a stand-in witness to view the officer as he entered and searched my vehicle and the witness had to be able to reach our location within a reasonable amount of time. Kind of similar to the police dog open air sniffs. Is there truth behind this in Texas? In recent time I had a police officer working with an informant to plant meth in my truck and the police officer pull me over for my traffic violation warrant, take me to jail, and magically find meth in my truck. The whole night seemed extremely odd and very fishy that foul play was about to happen so when I was pulled over I continuously demanded that I have a stand in witness before the officer entered my vehicle. DENIED! The one officer that I was most concerned about entered my truck on the driver's side by himself for several minutes while the other two cops detained me and the informant. The officer emerged from my vehicle asking if I myself was a good enough witness. He pulled out his phone, took a rear shot of my truck and trailer, opened both passenger doors to take another picture, opened my center console and stated "What is this?!" Funny part is that not an hour before this took place I had emptied my entire center console looking for butt connectors to wire up my stereo. No dope was in there at that time and I hadn't bought dope in almost three months at that point. I had just lost my house and was in the middle of moving from being evicted. Had no money to buy dope if i wanted to! Now I'm going to court on it and the one video that would show the officer's misconduct is blacked out. What can I do to prove this officer's role in this blatant set-up operation they ran on me. Whether or not I am a drug user should not be a factor because if there is one thing I can guarantee you, it's that if I legitimately had meth on me during this search, one I'd have been aware of it and two they would have never in a million years found it! Not with dogs, not by tearing my truck apart, nothing, no way no how, GUARANTEED! That is one thing that doesn't happen! I don't and have never lost or misplaced money or dope. Help please?! My court appointed is trying to talk me into signing first offer. They are enhancing me to a habitual offender and starting sentencing at 15 to life!
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