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  1. Just wanted some insight on this; I currently have a lawyer but also wanted to see if anyone has gone through something similar. I am an unwed father to a mother that is presumed to be having my child in December, I am sure that it is mine but of course the paternity test will be done the day of birth. As it stands right now she agreed to my petition for injunction to be there when the child is born and to update me on the status and health of the baby. Between the time the child is born until my custody hearing, a period of about a month and a half, I have been given unsupervised visits with the child for 4 hours a week, clearly not what I wanted but nothing I can do around that time. She is much younger than me and doesn't want me to have anything to do with the child. At the same time I am excited about this child, willing to pay everything I have to, already had a baby room completed and very cordial with communication. Here is a little background on both of us. I am a business owner, I have the financial means to support a child, I can stay at home all day and night with the child, my employment history is solid, no history of crime or violence, no debt, stable home, stable vehicle. She currently has one child (this will be her second from a different father), she is in a lot of debt, she receives government assistance (WIC, medicare), she has joint custody of her current child and lives with a friend and that friends' child (rented mobile home), not a stable vehicle, does not have paid maternity leave and will still work, jumpy employment history. She doesn't have any immediate family and lived with her first boyfriends grandmother who helped raise the first child because she didnt have anywhere to go. I have text messages etc that will be used in court with specific information relevant to my case as well. Given all of this, I just wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar case like this. Most of the ones that I find are fathers that do not want anything to do with the child or will not support the child. I am just real nervous about this custody hearing because I do not want to settle for visitation only. I live in Mississippi so they go off of the Albright analysis to determine the best interest of the child. Does anyone have any tips, advice, examples etc that may help me out further in my case? Thank you,
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