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  1. i did that too they said that only my case worker can give me that info an they jus sent me to her voicemail again and again
  2. yes i did but i wonder if they still in the database
  3. I was wondering can I sue the state or DCFS for mishandling my case plus pain and suffering. So what happen was that I was ordered by state to take parenting classes an domestic abuse classes after my ex an I broke up (unmarried). Once I talked to my case worker she gave me all the information. long story short i lost that paper an called my case worker to get info again. i called an left multiple messages but no return calls. After 5 years of leaving messages an getting no return calls an also i might add missing alot my kids life, birthdays, holidays, an first days of school. i googled my case worker hoping to get a cell number instead i get her new job number. so i call an she says she quit her job as a case worker around the time my case was dropped. it was dropped because i didnt take the classes. i tell her that i called her multiple times to regain info for classes she said her cases were switched over to a chris an she gives me the number and again no return calls. I call the supervisor an leave a unhappy message about the situation. She tells me theres nothing she can do about it. ive missed alot of my kids lives because of their mistake,i wrote the judge and called everyone there is to call to complain to. i filled out a complaint form an turning it in soon. ive started smoking cigarettes because of the stress this has caused an currently seeking therapy for my insomnia an depression. does anyone have a clue on what i should do>
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