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  1. Thanks, AdjunctFL. That was my first instinct, but I wanted to be sure. Will write to them and see what's what.
  2. I live in a NYC high rise condo, which I've owned since 1999. Common charges are quite high, but I always pay them (along with whatever ridiculous assessments are tacked on) without fail. Recently, upon receiving my statement, I noticed that another condo owner's statement had been mistakenly included with mine. Curious, I took a look. This person's apartment is 3 floors higher than mine, and about TWICE the square footage, and yet, their common charges were substantially less - the common charge was about 30% less than mine, and the assessment we're currently paying was about HALF of what mine is... How is this possible? I haven't taken this up with the management company yet, as I know they'll want to know how I came by this information. Of course, the truth is that they just made a mistake and sent it to me... But I figured I'd check in here first and see if I could get any insight as to what might be going on. Thanks in advance!
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