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  1. Thank you Fallen for that explanation. As I've stated, this whole process is new to me and feel it should not have ever come to this for paying my rent 8 days late. But since it has, I'm just trying to understand how this will affect me in moving. One of my many concerns (as instructed by my County Clerk office) is having to carry this letter of dismissal around and provide explanation with every rental application submitted. I feel that even with this dismissal, I could be denied. Never the less, as I am understanding you....I should answer the question "if I've ever had an eviction, "no".
  2. Thank you pg1067 for your reply... I was given all this information stated, by phone when I contacted the county clerk's office on the information being reported. I have never had an eviction filed against me and not sure how this will impact me for future renting, which is why I am trying to gain information on this process and gain a better understanding on how this could affect me in the future. My apologies that I may not have come off clear, but this has been a stressful time in understanding all of this. I have plans to move within the next several months and as I am searching for a new place to live. The first question I am being asked by property owners is, have you ever had any evictions. My answer is "no" (because I have not), but my county clerk website and (what I'm learning, a possible private website) is reporting differently.
  3. I understand now that the case has been "dismissed". From this point on, when I apply to rent a home or apartment, the first thing that is done is a credit check as well as a tenant report that provides information of any evictions I have had. Which will then determine my approval on being allowed to rent the property of interest. My concern is being turned down for approval of renting a apartment or home, as most property managements ask that you have no history of evictions to qualify to rent any of their property. What impact will this have on me renting a apartment in the future? I have been able to view my rental history as well as credit report and do not see any information of eviction reported on my credit, to date. But however, do see there is an indication of eviction on a tenant history report I was able to view on a online site. Am I able to petition the court in my county to have the dismissed eviction expunged? I am being told that I would have to carry the letter of dismissal with me each time I submit a application to rent an apartment and provide explanation and that point would be up to that individual property management to approve or not. Is this the case?
  4. Hi, I recently had a eviction filed against me with my current leasing office, where I am residing. All monies owed was paid, resulting in the case being dismissed and no further action was taken. Since, I have noticed that this has been placed on my rental history report, as filed and no action taken. My question, is how do I go about getting this removed from my rental history and credit report since this matter has been taken care of without having to proceed with any filing of an actual eviction? I have been informed by the court clerk, this is will report as a "dismissal" and no action taken. As I have plans to move in the near future, I feel that this will have a great negative impact on obtaining a approval for future rental property or home loan. Please help.