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  1. wow you two are so very quick to judge I never expected a hand to be held I am 23 but at the time I was homeless. So haters keep your judgmental mouths shut and if at any and I mean any time during the summer they sent me a bill or any notification like "come get your id ? " or parking pass or looking foward to seeing you anything would have prompted me to contact them but i was upset because only and only after a month of classes started did they finally contact me.
  2. Hello I need help I graduated a two year program at suffolk county community college and In the beginning of the summer ( end of may) 2016 I applied and signed up "online" for fall classes at farmingdale state college. during the summer alot went on I had to leave my house and reside with a friend. I found a job and was working but all of my funds were being used and saved for a car and for a place to rent. I could not afford to pay for the fall semester so I decided not to continue forward with my degree at this time. In October I receive a bill for $4,000 saying I had to pay !!! I called the office and there were abrupt and said I am Liable for the bill ! I asked them why didnt I receive 1 notice during the summer saying I had to withdraw at all ? she basically said it was my problem and not very nice. During the 5 semesters I attended at Sccc If you didnt pay by midnight on the due date you were dropped and could not attend.The same for my sisters college no pay dropped at midnight of the due date ! I never went to Farmingdale and I never even went there to get student ID or a parking pass or pay 1 dime. I never received any notice or bill all summer until October when 1- it was too late to cancel and get money back and 2 it was too late to even consider quitting my job and going to the classes as I would have had too many absences. If I had seen a bill or notice at any time during the summer I would have easily found a way to call them or go online and withdraw with a few clicks. I 100% HAD NO IDEA THAT THIS NEEDED TO BE DONE. and I feel like they didnt send any notices or contact me until it was too late with the intention of making extra money for themselves. So now I need an Educatuion lawyer to help me remove this bill as I do not want to start off with bad credit from the begininning. any reccomendations ?????
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