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  1. Hello, I have been a single mother for 17 years now, my daughters father left us when she was born, 2 years later he wants to be in her life, ok so I let him, I was going through a divorce he would not help me babysit so I had to move 50 miles away, ok time going on he would see her every other weekend till she hot 13 she started high school and she started and was in cross country and he blew her off for 3 years. Mind you I have full sole custody, all he has is parenting time. I wrote letters and letters to the court about this they never did anything, now she will be 18 in 7 weeks and he keeps going to the court and lying and saying that I won't let him see her at all. They will not evern listen to what I have to say at all. She was in the hospital for wanting to kill herself due to being depressed because her father blew her off for so many years. The court would not hear me or even let me speak. He has never even been there when she was sick or school activities he did not want to be bothered with it. Now he goes to the court every week and lying and they are harassing me threating me and my daughter that we will go to jail. All I am trying to do is help her be a responsible adult. I only make 1000 buck a month and this just isn't right help can they really do this to us? I want to change my number. Thanks Kristie L.
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