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  1. thankyou for the insightful response . I realize i am grasping at straws here and my own opinions of things are filtered through the love I have for my wife. It is extremely difficult to watch someone with so much potential get the life and energy beat out of them by the systems in place over a temporary error in judgement . I have witnessed first hand what those drugs do to her its not conspiracy theory . I have also witnessed what just good ol excersize diet and living situation can do for somebody's mental state. I truly believe the latter is all she needs to re enter society as a functioning member but I am not a mental health professional and am most definitely biased. Its not just that money gets you a lawyer that can actually do something for you that makes me feel like its all about money. Its also the fact that if i had the money for bail they would let her out no questions asked. Also the same mental health pros that are recommending the treatment with drugs would be administrating the treatment so they have a vested interest in the disposition of the court . That just seems wrong.
  2. point taken, but you cant deny things go much differently with money
  3. its a broken system meant for making profit off the people from top to bottom . they do not protect or help anyone especially the poor and middle class . once a person gets tangled up with them its nearly impossible to live a normal life unless of course they have money.
  4. it was a lot more than just checking in that led her to abscond anyways
  5. its not other peoples buisiness where she is thats the point if shes not out causing trouble just let her be
  6. I should go back to school myself maybe become a lawyer and fight the system in the name of justice for the poor and indigent .........nah... i just want my wife back
  7. guess there's no such thing as true justice . there is only have or have-not . the law is just a mechanism for lawyers, politicians, ect to make money off the tax payers and the unfortunate souls who happen to step in their webs....... sorry for the rant its just so frustrating when i think about this system too much. I can understand why some people go "postal" .If i were to give in to my own thoughts I would probably be in a cell right next to them or worse.
  8. seems like with todays technology there would be better ways to keep tabs on somebody. Doesn't the fact that for the last 4months she hasnt had any trouble and has been totally stable count for anything? That is what should be trying to achieve with any punishment
  9. the real interesting part is if one has money its a whole different thing. I mean if i came up with 25000$ they would let her go "un-treated" no problem
  10. as an alternative should it not serve a function ? or can anything be served up as an alternative?
  11. what is the purpose of probation ? Is it punishment ? Is it public safety? Is it something else?
  12. I once got in trouble when i was a kid at a time when my family was moving so the judge did rather than put me in juvenile hall or on probation they let me move and promise not to step foot in their county without permission until i was an adult. Im wondering if something like that could be worked out.
  13. here they have an honors math program
  14. they dont want her on probation , they dont want her in prison, they just want to know she is not a danger . chemically labotomizing her would achieve this but it would also tragically and effectively ruin her mind. This girl is very gifted in math, genius level she has so much to offer . As with most genius types there are areas that suffer and in her case it is her ability to handle stress well. I am not saying it is ok to throw fits that put others at risk. I am not saying that there should not be consequence for her actions . She is not your ordinary criminal type, and needs not your ordinary punishment . I think the judge and even the procecuter see this they just dont know what to do.
  15. thankyou for the thoughtful reply, i understand what your saying, maybe my brother can refer me somebody that can do it. Believe me this is a most rare case where there has been so many unfortunate circumstances it is very difficult for the judge to make a decision . Its painfully obvious that she is not a criminal she had made a few stupid and dangerous mistakes in a short period of time . Mistakes brought on by the extreme stress of having her child witheld, losing her house, ect. To send a young woman who has never been in any kind of trouble in her life and who has so much potential for academia (graduated highschool as math major with a 4.5 gpa) to prison shouldnt sit well with anyone. The drugs they were giving her are even worse though they really mess with her memory and such.
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