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  1. Thank you for the welcome and thank you for being here. I may have mislead you with my explanation. The warrant is in the same state, Ga., that my mother resides. Furthermore it is in a small county where not a lot happens. Also, being a "Yankee", I'm sure they would be more than happy to address the warrant. Add in it may take a few weeks to obtain a court date. Ultimately this is going to keep me from seeing my mother. (I almost feel sorry for the lady because something has happened to her in her past which produces this spitefulness.)This is the reason I was asking about the extortion. Additionally, "Crazy Lady" also is aware that I am well known on a national level as a political advocate for Alzheimer's awareness. I'm assuming that is one of the main reason's she's holding that over my head. I've been told to just ignore and more than likely the police would just laugh at her although I'm almost certain she would inform her of the warrant. If it has not been cleared up by then...Regarding the pictures, yes, we do pay for the facility, (between all siblings it comes out to roughly one arm/sibling) which I had assumed that would be considered Mom's private residence. Although would that still allow me to keep the pictures? I'm relating it to; if I came into your house hung a picture on your 'fridge, you remove it, refuse to give it back, can I request the police arrest you for theft? I understand I should just ignore but I'm of the mind set, a.) how dare she, and b.) teach her a lesson so she doesn't attempt to take advantage of another that may not be in a position to stand up for themselves.
  2. My 82 year old mother is end stages Alzheimer's Disease. She has been in an assisted living facility for almost ten years. Not wanting our mother to have to ever be alone these final days my siblings and I hired a "sitter" to merely hold her hand and talk to her. After a few weeks I started to realize the lady we hired was quite the instigator and not all there. Upon deeper investigation I uncovered that years prior her own family had banned her from seeing her own mother at the exact facility where my Mom is. Furthermore, she had started threatening to sue other residents for violating her civil rights, and the list goes on and on. After presenting this to my siblings we carefully planned a week long strategy to "wean" her out the door in fear of a trumped up lawsuit...to no avail. The same day I had uncovered her past she had posted a picture of herself with my Mom outside Mom's room. Immediately I removed it. The next day she returned it was back up with the writing on the back, "property of her name" I immediately removed it again. The next morning I receive a text message from her husband that he was filing criminal theft charges against me for the pictures and now an apparently missing cell phone charger.(At this point we had her escorted out of the building by administration.) A few day later I received an e-mail from her that unless I returned the pictures and the cell phone charger in an allotted amount of time she would be taking a warrant out for my arrest for criminal theft. The pictures I did take and still have. The cell phone charger, no Idea. Although she claimed in her e-mail that since I was the last one in my mothers room I took it. Including employees, and family/friends that stopped in to see Mom, I'm guessing at least 15 people were in the room. Rewind a few months; I received some traffic tickets which I did not clear up in Georgia. I fly home every week, life got in the way, Georgia doesn't mess around, and of course a warrant was has been issued. (I've already hired an attorney to help me clear this issue up.) But who do you think got a hold of that information...So until the warrant is straightened out, the crazy lady is now using that against me saying, that if I don't return the items she will make sure an investigation into the missing items are executed on me. Basically telling me she'll send the police to the facility to investigate the "theft" and consequently pick me up for the warrant. My initial thoughts were to just return the pictures and buy her a brand new charger. Although, I can guarantee she won't stop. Does this constitute as blackmail? Falsifying a police report? slander? libel? I just want her to go away and leave our family be but I'm afraid if she is not put in her place immediately she will only continue to torment our family.
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