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  1. No, not divorced. Dad is still alive. Mom had moved into my brother's home in an apartment which she paid rent for. My brother has access to all of her and Dad's belongings including paperwork. Since it is in his home, we can't just go in. Before she died, Mom told me that her will was one created 10 years ago with each spouse as beneficiary for the other and the 3 children as alternate beneficiaries. However, my mother's sister, with whom she was very very close, says that Mom told her that she had put only the 3 children on her accounts as beneficiaries, not Dad. In Missouri, can a spouse be left out by means of beneficiary listing on bank, IRA, or other accounts? My Dad is the only one who earned all of that money. Now he needs full time care and no money left to himself. Can he get that money? How?
  2. My parents had been married for 55 years when my father had a devastating stroke which left him paralyzed. My mother, then 77 years old could not care for him and moved into an apartment in my brother's home. Dad was able to come back home a year after his stroke. Except for Dad's IRA's, Mom took all marital assets with her. Now Mom has died and we know that she had several hundreds of thousands of dollars of their joint money. Here's the questions: wouldn't that money belong to my father? What if she named beneficiaries other than my father when she moved the money to different accounts? HOW can we find the money?
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