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  1. An anonymous insurance company refuses to pay my claim. (I only have minimum liability insurance.) A couple of weeks ago a girl turned left directly in front of my car. She turned when I was approximately 15 feet away and I was traveling the speed limit 40 mph. Then she proceeded to stop completely in my lane at a 90 degree angle from my car apparently she realized what she had done. Since it was too late to stop I swerved off the road to the right, since there were cars waiting behind her to the left and she was completely in my lane. I went over a curb and my car has a low profile so it completely ripped the bumper off, caused body damage, has something dragging from the undercarriage, and busted the radiator open causing $5,000 to $7,000 worth of damage. After the accident I made the girl stop and called the police to file a police report. I got her insurance information and all her personal and vehicle info is in the police report. In the report it says "Driver 1 did not see Driver 2 when she turned in front of him". To me it sounded like the report said exactly what I said and I scanned and faxed it over to her insurance company. Contrary to what the police and I said the girl claimed she never saw me and didn't know anything about it. I suppose she just stopped out of the kindness of her heart? When I spoke with her insurance company they are claiming there is no proof that she caused the accident. My question is what constitutes this "proof" since the police report seemed fairly straightforward to me? Additionally, there are 2 cameras nearby that most likely have the accident on tape but I am not sure how long they keep the tapes for. How do I go about getting the girl and/or her insurance company to pay for the damages that are %110 her fault? I have been on the phone with them for 4-5 hours over the past couple of weeks and an considering getting a lawyer based solely on principle even it it might not be worth it financially. The way one of the adjusters explained it if I had T-Boned the girl totaling both cars and possibly injuring her since she was sideways in my lane it would have been easier to prove it was her fault. But basically by doing the right thing and swerving off the road I can't get the insurance company to fork over a small chunk of what they would have had to pay? Has anyone else heard of anything like this ? Just seems like they are incentivizing bad driving. Might just have to get a monster truck now and get Full Coverage and not swerve next time? (J/K of course)
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