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  1. I have asked numeroutimes. I never said the card committed the crime. That is rediculous, The corporation did when they still denied me access to my funds in order to purchase my wifes insulin. Corporations can be charged with crimes such as reckless endangerment. I am not saying they are responsible for my wife being diabetic or the fact that I needed the money from the stuff I put in pawn so I could pay rent due to a short term disability. I am saying they are responsible for my not being able to access my funds at any time from May 13th to May 24th which caused everything to be lost. Had I had such access, I had more than enough in my account to pull all items out as well as to purchase insulin for my wife. They breached the contract and are now even refusing to go into binding arbitration. Oh, and Rushcard, who has maybe one tenth the customer base as Greendot is now paying out a 19.5 million dollar settlement for doing this exact same sort of garbbage. Does anyone know of an attorney who will work on a contingency basis? Or one willing to take on a class action lawsuit?
  2. Yes. How do I 1. Charge Greendot Bank/Walmart Money card with reckless endangerment? and 2. How do I get them to make me whole again? I am willing to let any attorney who wants this case to sue in excess of $36,000.00 so I can be made whole again. Thank you kindly and I am sorry for not formatting it correctly and leaving out question marks.
  3. On May 13th 2016 WalmaryMoneyCard/Greendot Bank accepted my emplyers direct deposit int my account. On Monday May 15th I attempted to pull out some cash from an ATM I had used numerous times previously. I was told the bank declined my transaction. I went home and called customer support. I was told there was nothing wrong with my card or my account and the probems were doe to them running a system upgrade but could not give me an ETA on when the upgrade would be finished. I told them I had to have access to my funds in order to be able to purchase my wifes insulin. She is a type 1 diabetic and prone to ketacidosis. I also explained to them that I needed access to my funds in order to save my 1994 Harley Davidson Sportster 1200 motorcycle from the pawnshop. I also explained that without access to my funds, I would love a2 rifles, a shotgun and a pistol to a different pawnshop. I was told they were sorry for the inconvenience. I told them y wife would most likely be in the hospital very soon if I could not access my account and asked if they could overnight me a card that would work. I was told they cannot do that and they again apologised for the inconvenience. I think they should be criminally charged with reckless endangerment. They are definitely in breach of contract where it says direct deposits will be available the same day if not the 2nd day. I went through this for another 8 or 9 days until finally on May 24th I was able to activate my card via the online site. If there was nothing wrong with my card, why did I need to activate it? I finally got with a supervisor and was told they needed the receipts for ths items I lost. I gave them the pawn tickets and such ony to never hear from them again. The email address was *******.com. Supposedly their corporate headquarters. I was not the only person to be so treated. I explained to the corporate folks that did finally call me that they were in breach of contract and needed to make me whole again only to be told flat out they would not pay. The exact same thing happened to the owners of RushCard prepaid cards and they are now paying a 19 million class action settlement. I had pawned my stuff as I was waiting for my short term disability and was hoping to pull all items out of pawn on the 15th. I called them and pushed the timeframe to the 22nd of May. I was told the upgrade to the system was completed on May 19th. this was a total falsehood as I still could not use my card or access my account online. I have the pawn tickets scanned in as well as the price to replace the items. This makes no mention of what my insurance agency had to pay out for the hospitalization of my wife for 6 days sue to diabetic ketoacidosis directly caused by her not having her insulin. The folks that I spoke with hept pointing to the 4 charges made on my account on the 16th, the 20th, the 21st, and the 23rd as proof that I had access. All those charges were made as an automatic charge to my account but that specific card had expired May of 2016 and had a completely different security code and should not have been allowed in the first place. I could not take these documents to the pawn shos as I had no transportation nor could I afford a taxi without access to my funds. All I want is to be made whole and have Greendot/Walmart Money card relace the items I lost due to thier system upgrae. The entire thing could have been prepared for had greendot done some research and found out the RushCard fiasco. There was absolutely no warning that I may not be able to access my funds. Also, their very own terms and conditions state that if I request binding arbitration, that they would deposit the funds necessary for me to even start the process. I have asked numerous times to start arbitration but never got a reply. They literaly held my money hostage, were criminally negligent to the tune of Reckless Endangerment by not allowing me access to my funds thus putting my wifes very life in jeapordy. I am seeking a total of $12,000 in both replacement prices for the items lost as well as damages for the time consumed in persuing this claim as well as them forcing me to walk to work each day vs riding my motorcycle as it should have been. I also have a broken l1 vertibrae and walking greatly agravates my back pain. I sent this to Greendot and have heard nothing back from them lately: Greendot Bank had the last clear chance to avoid any and all problems and damages on Friday May 20th 2016 by overnighting me a card that would allow me to access my funds no later than Saturday May 21st. Had this been done, I would have been able to keep my wife out of the hospital and get my motorcycle out of the pawnshop as well as retreiving all my other items from pawn or at the very least pay the interest due and not lose them. Thereby the initial and final causation and all faults plus damages lay with Greendot Bank, Greendot Bank is continuing to incur said damages and they will continue to compound until it is resolved and I am made 100% whole again as before their harms and damages. 20161005_cfpb_Final_Rule_Prepaid_Accounts.pdf Arbitration.pdf GPG_CLC_BCC_USA_Colorado.pdf GreenDot.txt charging-corps.PDF ComplaintNumber.txt Arbitration.pdf
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