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  1. I believe the fact that I am American american with a 91% white agency, a female, and LGBT was the reason they wanted to get rid of me. However they could not do it based on my work because I was exceptional at my job
  2. My wife left her son at home while I was at work and the the police wound up being called by animal control and so was cps. I worked for a law enforcement agency. We met with cps and they did not continue any charges and the case was closed. We never heard from the police agency who was handling the case from the time it happened in august to the time i got a summons last week. All of the charges were dropped by the other agencies and we were told by cps that the charges would be dropped or "sit on a shelf" but all of a sudden the states attorneys office is deciding to charge us with child neglect. We are married but he is not my child nor have I adopted him. I don't as at work at the time everything occurred and all of our statements document this fact however I am being charged with child neglect and I had no idea what was going on. I originally thought we were condefendants but we have separate court dates. I've never committed anything in my life and have a masters degree. When I received my preliminary inquiry they told me I was not being charged however my job fired me with a notice that was dated the day before. Can I sue my employer for wrongful termination because I feel like I was charged just so they can get rid of me. Any advice would be great.
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