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  1. I have tried for years. Father doesn't and has never claimed responsibility for this child. Child seen him once for pat test. Wanted to give up rights then. It was alone night stand with a minor. 16d/32f. POA only covers basic, medical and school. I fought with her 60 days to receive a med card. She won't clean. Barely cooks. Refuses to work. Refuses to get ssi. LAZY! I've said since she was small she should never have a child. This child is scared to go home. Scared to be left alone with her. 28th is the last day of POA so if she forces me CPS will see me. I've been asking for it to be updated for 2 weeks.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to answer. Yes I have tried seeking councel. I have tried to find a pro bono also to no avail. I can not afford a $700. Retainer fee. i have had him a total of 63 days. I have to beg her to update the POA. Its due again, still nothing. Just to keep him in school. I have been asking for 2 weeks. It has taken 60 days for her to give me a med card. Real nice Right. (Not that she didn't have it...she refused to send it.). She doesn't care about him. It's all about what she can gain from him. Or when it's a convenience for her to be a "mommy". Sorry. A bit of venting. But again Thanks for replying.
  3. I have power of attorney only. She has had numerous cases and allegations with CPS. They keep giving the child back. Nothing changes . Only gets worse. I'm afraid he's being a victim of both. I get him for months at a time and he goes back. Lives in filth, Dog and cat feces, he's tired of it. He Is ASD. She refuses to be knowledgable. She lives off DHS. With out him she has nothing. Don't get me wrong. I love her but there comes a time and a place to say enough is enough. CPS does nothing. Is all a game. And he is the pawn. If need to be I will contact CPS in my county. like I said before there is A LOT more to this story. I am just trying to get my ducks in a row. thank you.
  4. My daughter has always had issues. But over the last 5 years they have become overly concerning. Abuser of drugs, cares more for strangers than her family. Has put this son in horrible circumstances his whole life. She's taken to suicide attempts, I'm not talking a couple I am talking probably over the last 2 years. More than 25 times. She has been in jail 2 times for aggravated assault. The first was against b/f. THe 2nd against b/f and minor son. She took a plea deal and dropped the one from her son?? Lovely huh.. Brought it down to one count against b/f. 1 yr probation $$ and therapy.. since this time she's tried suicide 2 times. In 2 months. I have the child in question. He doesn't want to live with her.. THERES a lot more to this story. I need to know cut and dry what to legally do. I am low income and really need help. She is not by no means a good mother. Horrific hoarded, filthy apt. She wouldn't even get him up for school. Left it up to b/f. I can not send him back. I can not give her any more chances. Please help. Thank you
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