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  1. Are there states where you can practice law as a felon? If so, what are they?
  2. Susan pearce was the attorney. She has been written and is no longer in practice. I could only find this appeal because our legal computers only give us access to appeals, both federal and state. The opinion states that "the judgment of the district court is reversed in part, affirmed in part, and remanded for further proceedings using the standards defined in this opinion. On remand, the district court's application of these standards may result in some of the same ultimate conclusions as it has already reached in its [findings]. However, because the standards used by the district court were in some respects different from those that we now define, reconsideration on remand is necessary." Where would I be able to find a copy of the remanded case? Would I have to contact the district court and get a copy of their opinion? Or is there another way to get these files?
  3. In 1994 an appeal was filed on a lawsuit concerning Title IX rights in an Oregon prison. The appellate court reversed the district court's decision that parity, not equality, was required in vocational and educational programs when it came to men and women's prisons. The language was very clear that women should be receiving the same educational opportunities that the men were, even if there are less women. Today, there is one college class offered at the women's prison, even though there is a college affiliated with the GED program there. At most of the men's prisons, there are numerous classes offered through their local community colleges. What should I do, as a female prisoner who is seeking education, to enforce or have this lawsuit reexamined? I do not know the process, but believe I have some type of recourse.
  4. I understand that there is a lot involved in a criminal appeal. If the will gave him access to the property he removed, would that not change the sentence? And could he not use that as an error, that his attorney did not bring up or look for the will?
  5. A friend of mine was convicted of what he called "theft of removable property" in Wisconsin. His mother passed away and his sister called the cops and told them that he had stolen property from the mother's home. I don't know the dollar amount of the property or if there was even a will. He received 4 years in prison and is appealing it, but does not know how to proceed or what grounds he has to stand on if there was a will. His sister was caught lying in court and he fired his attorney but the judge proceeded anyways. Do I need more information about his case in order to find out what he should do appeal-wise? And if so, what more info do I need to find out from him?
  6. I understand the role of the trustee in a trust. My family is trying to avoid a prison from taking "room and board" fees when I am released. I just wanted to know if I needed to talk to the trustee, who is a family friend and will handle the money once my mother passes. The trust will go into effect at that point. I don't believe my mom has it set up yet but doesn't let me in on a lot of the details of how it will be run, which is why I came to you all with questions. Thanks!
  7. Let me be more specific. I am a first time offender, have no criminal record, and was sentenced to a large amount of time because of a district attorney's agenda to get elected to a higher position -which he did after our case. There were several people involved in my case, and most of those people received a lot less time than me, like 20 years less than me. I believe that I should have received time, just not as much as I got. I need to put a packet together that will convince the governor, as my family and many others believe, that I am a changed woman and should be considered for early release. What should I include in my packet?
  8. My family resides in Idaho and probably will until they pass away. What is the estate tax rate in Idaho, if any? Also, what happens with a trust when a person dies and the executor is not a member of the family? Will that person have to assess the estate or will the attorney who helped my family set up the trust do that and give instructions to the executor?
  9. I am looking to see how frequently people in the western states receive some form of clemency. I am applying soon, and hope that someone can help give me some info on what might help my petition out, in terms of what I could include in that packet. Thanks!
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