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  1. Hello FindLaw members, My name is George and about 9 days ago I got into an accident just involving myself. State is Washington State. SITUATION It was early morning about 4:30am or 5:00am I had come back from trying to apply for a job and it was raining fairly hard and I was going downhill on WA-18 where the speed limit is 60MPH, I was going 50mph because during a hard rain that's the speed that I usually travel at in those conditions and have never had an issue. That morning as I came through a turn near the bottom, my rear end on the vehicle decided it was gonna wash out on me, I turned the wheel to try and correct it but all 4 tires at that point were sliding, I hit the center median and all that, stopped and managed to limp it to the side of the road so it's not a threat to other drivers. Washington state patrol shows up and asks me about it and I told him the same thing i'm telling you all, asked for my license and I gave it too him. Tow truck arrives etc etc. Today I receive a ticket in the mail from Burien Court from the state patrol officer and the infraction reads, "Driving too fast for conditions" $187. Now remember what i said earlier about driving 10mph under the limit because of conditions and the fact that I have always for the past few years driven 10mph under in these conditions without incident. My question is should I contest it or not? Any info would be much appreciated, thank you. George F.
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