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  1. It's also a problem because I really don't want to look at a wood fence stuck a few inches on the other side of my metal fence that is going to kill my resale value.
  2. I would say that it could possibly be a problem because of the definition of a double fence. If there is space between the fence what defines it as double and not double? The HOA is dragging their feet which to me makes me feel like that there's a problem.
  3. I live in an HOA around the area of Charlotte North Carolina. I have had an existing metal fence that was approved by the HOA and installed in October of 2015. The HOA requires that we use existing fencing that is up prior to us constructing fences made of other materials. For example, there is a wooden fence in on the property line you have to tie in with the same style of wooden fence, according to HOA rules. If it is metal, you tie in with a metal fence. A new neighbor built behind me and put a 6-foot wood fence up that is around 10 inches away from our metal fence. This was over one year from the time I fence had been installed. Now because the HOA is so slow in responding, three other neighbors have built off of this fence line . My question is...what is the exact definition of a double fence? Does a certain distance between fences negated from being a double fence? Finally, how do I get my HOA to act with dillegence so a small problem does not escalate into a larger one?
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