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  1. But it was not. Both counties didn't acknowledged each other in the sentencing orders.
  2. The jail is required to provide the proper footwear. If she was working in an outside job she would have been the one responsible to buy it but since she doesn't have the ability to it falls onto the jail. Contact your states occupational regulatory commission to fill a complaint. As for the release it depends on why she is even there.
  3. Yes I did get some credits for the robbery charge just not all of of since they applied some of it to the criminal mischief charge. The timeline goes like this I was arrested for the criminal mischief charge on 9/2004 then I was pretrial released then on 10/2004 I was arrested for the robbery charges in a different county. I was never released again. On 12/2004 I was sentenced to six months for the criminal mischief charge. I was then sentenced on 4/2005 to 144 months for the robbery charges. ODOC says my release date is 2/2017 and that it is not 10/2016 due to the fact that they are taking four months and giving it credit towards the criminal mischief charges. By my calculation my release date should be 10/2016 prison with my going back to county to do the six months. My worry is that after I release that one county is going to say I still owe them. As for the custody credits for the criminal mischief charge I was only in for 2 days. Thanks for the help.
  4. I was arrested in one county then and charged with criminal mischief and then released till trial. Then I was arrested in another county for robbery and while fighting that charge I got sentenced for the criminal mischief charge. I was sentenced to six months for it then sent back to the other county and was sentenced to 144 months. Doc is not giving me my full credit that I did in county in the robbery charge they are saying it is being applied to the six month sentence for criminal mischief charge.
  5. I was sentenced in one county and then in another. Can the one county take my time served credits for that sentence?
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