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  1. You are correct - waiting until Friday morning is a terrible idea and asking strangers in the internet is far from ideal. In the past I've had weeks or months to prepare and save up some money to have an experienced attorney give it a good look. This time was different. My preteen couldn't handle the thought of another visitation with the man who was abusing her (unknown to me) and attempted suicide in a horrific manner. Thankfully we found her in time. My ex was willing to sign over custody in the hope that he could avoid prosecution for the abuse and I just wanted to focus on healing and making her feel safe. While she was hospitalized I realized that this needs to go through the courts in order for her to have lasting protection. Thank you all for your answers. It was nice to know that there are other people in the world who are dealing with these complex issues even if we don't have answers for each other.
  2. My ex and I share joint custody of our 3 children. I am the domiciliary parent of two and he is the domiciliary parent of 1. Based on the recommendation of a psychiatrist, we have agreed that we will continue to share joint custody of two children one living with me and one with him while I will have sole custody of our oldest child and he will have limited visitation. In the past, I've written and filed stipulated judgments, for custody & visitation, but this time I'm not sure what I need. Do I need separate documents for sole custody & joint custody? One document stating that the previous document still stands with the following exceptions and list the change from joint to sole custody for one child as one of the changes? Would one completely new document stating which child I will have sole custody of and which two we will share joint custody of be better? I am really lost and have to bring finished documents for my ex to sign on Sunday. This has been very sudden and I want to make sure that this is signed and filed before he changes his mind.
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