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  1. Thank you for the responses. However, this is very disappointing. It's as if It's ok to steal from a father trying to do the right thing. It seems to me, if I as the father didn't pay for child support prior to the divorce she could have legal grounds to get back payments. I guess im mistaken. I do not feel this is legally fair that's for sure. This really upset my life as shed not show up on numerous occasions, which left me to frantically trying to get a sitter... all while maintain my job and income coming in. Thanks again for the answers
  2. Hello, I am wondering if it is possible I can sue my ex in small claims/civil court for not getting the kids 50% yet i paid religiously the 50% obligation on the honor system. Meaning i paid her 50% yet she only saw the kids 10%. I paid nearly all the daycare costs too. I have full documentation to prove this too. FOC is currently in place after the official divorce. They are helping engorce the divorce decree snd she seeing the kids now. However, Iam looking to possibly recoup the 40% of funds I paid for 6 months prior to the divorce, yet she didn't get the kids. Is this possible? If so what do i file? Thanks in advance!
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