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  1. the auto dealership did not believe us but I think it had something to do with my son being a minor and them wanting to get out of giving him the prize because of his age.
  2. on Sunday august 5, 2015 a country club sponsored a golf tournament in which a automobile dealership would donate an automobile as a prize to any golfer who shot a hole in one. The automobile was parked near the clubhouse with an advertisement poster stating the free automobile for any golfer who shot a hole in one. I paid the requisite entrance fee for me and my son to participate in the tournament. My son who is 16 (minor) shot a hole in one in presence of other members. We notified the dealership but they refuse to tender the automobile. Can anyone give me any references to any similar case regarding advertising contracts that are false? can my me and/or my son sue the auto dealership or the country club that sponsored the event? any references or responses would be appreciated.
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