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  1. I should had used better words, to get my thoughts across. But when grow wearer and tried of searching for help and understanding. I didn't mean to offended the general public, So I will delete it,
  2. I know all lawyers are not like this, BUT this sound like something happen to me. Stupid me believe everything he told me. I was fighting for half of 65,000 and 3,ooo and house. I gave him about 3,000. This is why I tell me people ask questions. I have my story out on face book.
  3. I'm posting this because I really need a answer. Because I had already spent a lot of money trying to solve the Issues of my mom estate. My mother die in Camden N.J she own fifty percent of a house and had a bank acct. My mother boyfriend turn everything over to my brother and his wife. Well this is where fun start. I tried once to probate the house and them my brother tried to become sole administer but I block it. Them we became co-administers, it was not by choice. The agreement was I would get brought out he would hand me after the bank acct. I never got paid. So what I wanted to is change it only me. Now, my mother ex-boyfriend it I don't get this done is going to sell The Camden N.J. house right under me. I been told I need to go to the appellate court?. I went to the site and they have so many form I been lost. I called the clerk never got a call back.. I live in Maryland, so I'm guessing they didn't want to brother. I hope some one can help or point me in the right way. This is just a few law papers I have. Application for Administration.doc
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