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    Can an HOA atty start charging you fees for inquiring about a balance you are disputing?
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    thanks for your comments.. "as if" it happens
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    I am writing and need answers to an issue I have with my HOA. Last year they (HOA) assessed a lien fee as stated we didn't pay back in 2012. Prior to making the full payment because we didn't hear about this lien in 2015. I wanted to ask the HOA Atty a question and dispute the additional fees. I had no idea the HOA atty would charge us an additional fees for inquiry. The fees continued to be added not just a few hundred dollars but $600. My intention was not to find service but to inquiry about a debt owed. This is indeed a catch 22 situation. We also attempted to make the payment and it was refused, then again additional atty fees were applied. I need help? now another lien was placed on my home all because of my why? to the HOA atty?
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