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  1. I work privately as a home health aide and we believe a previous employee had stolen a valuable piece of property from the home before I was hired to fill their position. The item wasn't discovered missing until I had already been hired but only worked for this employer a few days and was told by a client one day that an item of theirs was missing. I had never seen this item but asked my relief when they arrived about the item which I was told had never existed. I then asked this person to please look through the residence for anything out of place or odd sense they had worked here a full year at the time which is when they discovered something valuable was actually missing I asked them to please call and inform our employer right away seeing as I had never seen the missing item and would not be able to properly inform our employer about the item which they did. Now my employer is having me followed by a PI after I leave work each day as well as tapping my personal cell phone conversations and I believe there are hidden cameras but employer hasn't informed us of them if there are. I briefly knew the employee i replaced and believe it's possible that I'm being targeted simply for that reason. I'm not sure what else they are having surveillance regarding myself and probably don't want to know. I just want to know if all or any of this is legal and if it is or isn't what should I do? Thanks
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