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  1. I live in Bulington, NC and I have 6 acres of pasture land that I am trying to get the land back in shape for animals. I have a couple of drunks that live next to my land that I have called the Sheriff on repeatedly for trespassing. They get drunk then ride their ATV on my property putting ruts all over my property, they cut down trees on my property at night for bomb fires, and when I speak to them they cuss, use defamatory names at us,and even told me if I put any animals out there they will kill them. All the police do is keep talking to them and keep giving them no trespassing warning but that is all. Need I say my husband and I are a mix couple. Recently one of these guys got arrested for pointing a gun at someone in the face and threatening them. So, I'm scared they will do something to my husband or me and maybe both of us. We don't want to move, this is our home what can we do?
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