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  1. Im a stay at home dad, wife obviously the breadwinner. We argue quite a bit. More maybe than average but that's irrelevant. I'm a large guy; 6'3" 325lbs. My wife 5'7" 135lbs. We were in an argument yesterday in which she became very audible. She's naturally a vocal person anyway but enough to where the neighbors took notice. The result was a glass of water ended up on me allegedly having been thrown onto me and a broom was broken on a poster in the garage. She never laid a finger on me, but those awesome neighbors told police she was beating me even though I have no marks. She was ultimately arrested for domestic battery for the water as I was told after being lied to by the police saying she wasn't. So I'm doubtful a jury will convict her given the fact the police misheard that it looked like she threw/dumped the water on me and my size compared to hers. We are not well off by any means and she has a state license which could be effected resulting in some serious financial implications if by miracle they actually win. Off the record as to not implicate anyone or hold you to any legal advise given; what can I do to destroy the prosecutions case before she is even arraigned. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to see this disappear.
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