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  1. I have two children. The birth mother of both children died in 2014. The children have different fathers. Prior to their Mom's death, I had joint custody with their Mom of one of the children, a boy, whose father attended the first of the joint custody hearings, but asked the judge to let him stay out of it as he did not want to be involved in the boy's life, so I was able to get joint custody. When the mother died, the father petitioned for custody of the child. He withdrew his petition for custody the day of the first hearing via his lawyer and did not attend the hearing. The judge dismissed his case and made no further ruling. The child has been in my care ever since. Regarding the girl, after the death of the mother, I petitioned the court for sole custody of her, as did the birth father. I prevailed and was awarded sole custody of the girl. For college, I know that the schools look at the finances of both the parents and children if the child is in a custodial situation, however, the schools only look at the finances of the children if the child is in a guardianship situation. This will make a huge difference in the amount of financial aid the children will be eligible for when they apply to college in a few years. They are both in elementary school, so I have time to start saving, but I would like to be prepared so that we can afford the best schools possible when the time comes. I am uncertain if what I have is considered legal guardianship. How do I find out? The custody paper for the boy are the old ones from 2014 stating joint custody with the mother. The papers for the girl only refer to custody. Nothing is said about legal guardianship regarding either child. Does anyone, know how I proceed?
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