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  1. hello there is no talking with this supervisor, he thinks he is god and his word is gospel the shared human resource person just called and said my "urine is clean" so my question to you and anyone else that can answer, how do I prevent this supervisor from making allegations like this in the future. I have other interviews lined up I want and need to get out of this situation but I need a job, but how do I proceed -- that my question
  2. Hello all a couple of months ago I applied for a position that I am highly qualified for. thought everything went well did not hear back from the company that I interviewed for. today while speaking to the human resources (we share the same human resource department) I was told the following my current supervisor said the following " I am lazy, unproductive and I smoke pot" and that others have complained that I smell and have horrible body hygiene first.. my work employee performance review has never been anything less than satisfactory. i am obese - and also one day i arrived after work from a fire scene, i am a volunteer fire fighter i have never done drugs... so with all this being told to the employer i interviewed for they did not extend an offer i am lost
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