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  1. My father passed away in May. His memorial service is in July. I know Oregon has Bereavement Leave offered by most employers, but I'm curious if my boyfriend is someone that is covered to attend the service without being reprimanded by his employer. We are not married, but we have been together for a couple years, and he plays an active role with my son and my entire family. Would this situation qualify as a "domestic partner"? Thanks in advance.
  2. This is probably a silly question to ask on here but I can't find the information anywhere else... Anyway, this years election is just around the corner and I am still on the fence. Social media has been blasting this new story about Donald Trump raping a 13yr old. Why is this case being overseen by a federal judge? I am in my first term as a criminal Justice student and I am not understanding why this is.. If someone could break it down for me, that would be great. Thanks
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