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  1. So then, the only thing I can safely do is to show others where things are found and then step back.
  2. The court order does not address court filings; just transcripts and attendence. I'm part of the defendant's support circle. I'd want to pass some filings to those of his circle who blog, so they could comment.
  3. So, then does that mean that I cannot even get copies of court filings from the record?
  4. I'm a defense witness for an upcoming criminal trial. The judge just allowed a State motion to exclude witnesses from attendance at all pre-trial court appearances and from buying any court transcripts. The Court's actions are directed towards me, and I feel harassed. Is there any objection I can make and if so how. I have lived in association with this case and other witnesses in it for 5 years now without tampering with anyone's testimony or revealing information improperly. I've followed the case and bought court transcripts but never posted or made improper use of them. My testimony stems from my personal experience and knowledge independent of any information presented to the Court. And, my testimony will be extremely limited in scope, and nothing they are discussing even pertains to it. I feel the Court is permitting the State to overstep it's rights. Please let me know what might apply here, thanks!
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