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  1. Actually just left united states district court/middle district of pennsylvania and the judge thought a lawsuit in this realm is very viable, saw merit and even appointed lawyer to represent us. Like oi said we are not criminals w, we made a mistake due to financial problems, a mistake we paid dearly for. As the supreme court suggest "marriage is a fundamental right and segregating us after 30 years of marriage is wrong" all 3we want is to move on with our lives.
  2. wife and I arrested in 2013 on marijuana charge - recently paroled, both to halfway houses in Harrisburg, Pa., wife released from half way house recently but i"m not being allowed to live with her because of what they call co-defendant stipulation. My wife has never been arrested in her life, we've been married for 30 years, we have no no but our selves but this is causing a hugh problem. I've exhausted most avenues and now am looking to file civil suit against Pa parole board for "emotional Abuse/distress". Is this possible and can someone point us in the right direction to do this?
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