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  1. attorneys She was renting the room so there for a tenant, she's my fiance, and unrelated to the question at hand which was them tracking a stolen iPad to that address.they being the police, and I'm just wondering if I'm able to contend anything as long as all that I'm stating are actual facts and not fictional. I'm just asking and reading trying to learn as much as possible so there for if and when they choose to file charges I know a little to help myself.
  2. As long as this is all legit, So can they use her room search after threatening her to search and use my phone against me w her unlocking after they took me?

    1. doucar


      That is not what I said.  She may have grounds the challenge the search of her room you do not.  As to the phone, it depends upon the facts and who the judge believes.

  3. So can they search my phone after I refuses then having her unlock after they take me away?
  4. The police came to her house while I was there. Asked to search the room she rented and she told them NOT without a search warrant. They proceeded to threaten her with trashing all her things, destoyig the home which would've resulted in her becoming homeless. After about a hour of them threatening among other things she let them. They seized many things among items that she owned. Then after I refused to unlock my phone for them to go through they arrested me on unrelated traffic warrant and after taking me to jail got her to unlock my phone. Then 4-5 hours later after all that got a search warrant for residence and my phone. I refused to make any statements without an Attourney present. All the stolen property was not at my residence or in my physical possession. I have multi felonies, she never even had a speeding ticket. Can they do all that or any and what should I do? I haven't been charged but was printed on b&e of motor vehicle(felony) & rec&conc stolen property (felony).. Nothing was in value over $999. Therefor all under well under $1000...Please help in any way. Advice etc.
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