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  1. Did you manage to hire a new lawyer? Was there any conflict? My friend is also stucked up in the same situation. He is looking for the new lawyers to hire and solve the legal matter. To hire the new one, he is reading reviews from different social media platforms. This thread is helpful for him. Would definitely suggest him to go through this once.
  2. This is a really complicated situation, you must immediately consult a good attorney and explain him the current situation. You can file a petition in the court challenging the custody and provide the evidence you mentioned. If you have any proof of the complaint which you made to the police, school and the social worker then include that also as it will be helpful in building a tight case against the mother. My friend's sister also faced a similar situation, so she consulted a renowned lawyer over here in Paris and he guided her perfectly.
  3. I guess I have read this somewhere on the Internet.
  4. Its up to you whethr you want to allow him to go or not. You can refuse too.
  5. I agree with Doucar,in most states, the judges considers the child's opinion and it may have an affect on the judgement considering how old the child is.