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  1. I would like my step-dad to adopt me, because my sperm donor isn't even involved. My parents have talked about it before and he has agreed but I'd like to make it special if I can next week on the 4th because it's my birthday and would like to get this at least started. Can anybody help me or point me to the right path?
  2. Check the above post and comments I already answered the question. I'll post a picture of it too.
  3. No, my godfather and his son have the same name, my name is different, and yes it was a savings bond that was maturing until I was 18. My godfather's son cashed it in.
  4. My godfather left me a bond for $10,000 in 2001 and was suppose to get it when I was 18. I am currently 18 turning 19 in less than a month. When I was 18 I tried to find it and nobody knew where it was so I called the treasury and filled paper work out for them to assist me. I got mail from the treasury a few months later saying it was already renewed, the problem is nobody was on the bond but my godfather (which passed away in 2002) and myself. Him and his son BOTH have the same first,middle, and last name. But he didn't specify the suffix on the bond, his son cashed it August of 2008 at a local bank here in my town and everybody is telling me I don't have a case. But he wasn't the owner of the bond, he used his Social Security Card to get the money from the bank because he has no drivers license. I'm also being told I don't have a case by people but I think I do, I did some digging and found these:(look @ the photos). So do I really have a case, or is everybody else right that I don't? It was worth 10,000 and he got little over 6k from cashing it early.
  5. Are you by chance a lawyer?

  6. So if you don't use the suffix but lets say your son and you have the same name, (full name at that first,middle,last) and the bond is assigned to your brother. Can your son legally cash the bond if you didn't specify the suffix on the bond?
  7. When cashing and or purchasing a bond, do you have to specify JR or SR
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