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  1. While coercion might be the wrong word to use, you have to admit @RetiredinVA that it is unfair practice when a tenant is supposed to give 60 days advance notice for lease renewal and the notice for the raised rent is 44 days in advance. Either way I was going to be out of money and forced to stay an extra month past my initial 12-month lease date and pay a an additional fee for a one-month rate.
  2. My question is two part. I'm moving out of my apartment at the end of this month with 5 months left. I have been living at this current apartment for 19 months and have been a low maintenance tenant having always paid my rent on time. I wrongly assumed that at the end of my first 12 months that I would be month to month after that. However, 44 days before my initial lease ended, my apartment complex contacted me to see if I wanted to renew my lease and that my rent was being raised by about 5%. The reason why the 44 days I feel is important is because in the initial lease it says as a tenant I must give 60 days notice if I plan to leave at the end of my lease. Yet my apartment only told me 44 days before my lease expired that my rent was going to raised, which I found rather unfair. At that point--even though I was planning on staying--I felt I had been almost coerced to sign a new 12-month lease as I wasn't within my the 60-day renewal date. So the first part of my question is: Is that a breach of contract or some kind of leverage I can use in breaking my contract early? Second part of my question: Because I have been a good tenant--one that's never had a late payment--what's the likelihood of a buyout?
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