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  1. It is not the only one to rent, well perhaps in this area and for this size home. We are looking, though. Why insinuate that something is left out?. We live in a prime area. It's in an area that is being rejuvenated. It's a 3300 square foot home. We like the ample space. can buy as is, but would have to put quite a bit of money into it. By the way who writes checks, in a digital world. I asked for advice not a critique. Thanks anyway.
  2. I am renting a home from a friend and her husband (he is the landlord). Actually this is the second home rented from them. Bad mistake. The scenario. We began renting a home from close friends a year ago. It had been un-oocupied for several years. Just a verbal agreement and how much rent to pay. With promise to make repairs and upgrades. Great we move in. Over a year after request to make minor repairs they go unwarranted. He forgot or didn't have time. No problem. They were not that bad that we could not live there. Some were but that's a different story. Just under a year later,they moved from their home of 15 years and ask us to move into it. Great. Same rent; no problem. We move. This is a house that I frequented but never pried; I did not know what could be hiding behind curtains and furniture etc. So we move in to find all the secrets they hid, bad windows (no interior windows), no gutters, basement stairs hazardous, faulty wiring, crack in the foundation, moisture issues in basement, leaking faucets, falling plaster bits, the list goes on and on. These are problems they know about but never disclosed to us. There is talk of us buying the property. It is in an area that has major renewal and gentrification. We are setting up an inspection. I requested a statement that they are and have been our landlords for the past two years and that we pay them rent etc. I spoke with my friend and she mentioned her husband is writing up a lease. My question do we have to sign a lease? with out an inspection? Do we have any rights without a lease? Should they have to make any repairs prior to a lease? Should we buy... as is? Help we need some advice.
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