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  1. Hello, I was recently involved in a non-injury traffic accident in Atlanta, GA. I was traveling through an intersection when a car ran a red light and hit me. The other driver claims that she had a green light as well. No witnesses. The police were called and they put the other driver at fault in their report. After she hit my car, I was redirected and rolled through 3 lanes of apposing traffic. Because this is such a busy intersection and my car did not hit a car coming the opposite direction, the officer determined that the other driver ran the red light. I filed a claim with the other driver's insurance on the same day of the accident. After over a month of no one returning my calls, I received a call from the agent informing me that they were denying liability. I only have liability on my policy, so I am not covered by my insurance. Any suggestions for what I should do next? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank You, Chase
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