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  1. My landlord is aware of the situation. All that she had said is to continue to pay rents to her and acknowledged this is her problem. I'm worried about the car being towed by the Management company folks. If she does not take any action, unfortunately we as tenants would be victims and end up having our cars be towed from the carport. Upon our discussion with the attorney from whom the notice was received, he insists that we should pay November rent only to the Management office and not to the landlady. He would not back us in the event we get evicted for non payment of rent to the landlady. To answer your question, yes I did go through the condo rules and regulations handbook.
  2. Hi, I live along with my family in a rental condominium in New Jersey, USA. About 3 days ago, we received a notice from a law firm that represents our community Management office. The notice indicates that the landlady of our rental premises that we are living has an outstanding fees of about $8K that she owns to the community Management office for services towards this unit. She has defaulted in her payments towards that and is not willing to pay that to the office for reasons that I'm not aware of. Now, the notice warns that we as current residents, should make our rental payments to the community Management office directly and that they'll consider this towards her outstanding arrears. Failing to do so, they would file an eviction suit against us and pursue other means as per the condominium rules and regulations. One other info that we found last night is, as per the condominium rules handbook, if an owner has $3,500 or more in arrears towards the office for more than 30 days(which she has already), they'd pursue parking enforcement rules and can get the tenant's/owner's vehicles towed from their carport and our parking privileges will also be revoked thereof. I feel horrible about this situation since we as tenants even though have nothing to do with this situation and were unaware of this situation until the notice came through, we have unfortunately become "circumstantial victims" that would go through pains of having to deal with the consequences. To add to this, our landlady is a horrible illogical, cruel person and has never addressed any of our concerns in this unit. We have a 6 month lease signed with her and is due to expire in mid-December 2016. We had been victims of several problems in past and she even went beyond means and once shut off utilities(electricity) to us while we were living there. This happened back in August and we have a police complaint filed on her name. The lease agreement asks for the utility bills to be paid to her in cash and that we cannot have it directly in our name. But since she took an extreme step to shut off utilities, we have now taken a "new" electricity, gas and water connection in our name as per the sheriff's advice who visited us that time. We are extremely desperate about this situation and are looking forward to get out of this rental premises and move elsewhere. We do not have proper understanding of New Jersey state laws in terms of breaking this contract with her by a month earlier and leave end of October or early November pursuant to us finding a better rental home soon. We have gone through immense mental stress and find this place very unsafe and are in fear every moment not knowing what else might come out of the blue. My worry of paying rental checks for the upcoming month to the Management office is that, I do not know if the landlady can then file an eviction against us failing to pay her the rent as per our signed lease agreement with her. My husband believes the lease agreement is probably already void since she already shut off the utilities and let us struggle and that's illegal. We had enough and do not want to be here anymore. We are also worried about getting our one month security deposit back from her due to her mean nature. We don't know what's the right thing to do and whom to go to in order to talk about all of this in detail. We are unable to afford to pay for expensive legal services and I'm looking for some dire help from people who are passionate about helping others. Can you please help us overcome this situation?
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