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  1. Can a property owner evict you even though your current in your rent because cider enforcement might shut the place down until electrical is up to code?. Seriously?. Is that legal to put someone out when yet haven't done anything to be evicted for?....It's the homeowner /property managers responsibility to have safe place for tenants to rent.... Why should we have evicted because of there necglance ?....I can't afford to move.... First and last month security deposit... I can't afford that... Do I have any rights?... Help please
  2. Yes that means that he went a filed an eviction notice.... On me and tenants down stairs.... He has been charging me 800 when the managers said rent was only 500....but yes he has been collecting my rent since I lived here and I moved in in January of this year.. And he hasn't paid since June.... But has collected rent all the way up until I stopped paying paying... And my last rent payment went to him even after the 3day notice to comply he received ...cause he demanded rent or get out... But I have been in contact with the property manager and even paid her first a week rent up until she said she couldn't take my rent anymore.... But IM just confused as to how he can evict me if ones current on rent and the only reason I stopped paying him was because he received that comply notice.... I could go on and on about this guy but I'm sure don't have that much time.. Lol
  3. The so called master tenant failed to pay rent to landlord... Now he is personally trying to evict me because I refuse to give him any more money because he can't be trusted... He has received notice to be out by end of month... Can he evict me after he was served... When he's the whole reason we are being evicted to being with... I was current on my rent until he got the notice to comply.. Even after that I paid him again... but haven't since September 7 2016......because he never complied with the notice... Help
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